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10 Life Lessons courtesy of 2022

"Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it" sang Ronan Keating. Definitely a summary of my 2022!

Why? Well, there have been some hilariously funny, completely fun-filled, exhilarating times. There was the relief and satisfaction of completing my 300hr yoga teacher training qualification. There was a sparkling new job transitioning into a completely new sector. Fabulous getaways in Bracklesham Bay, Swanage, Saunton Sands and Abersoch, enjoying walks and stunning scenery...appreciating the waves. Many fantastic times with amazing people and of course, the new Top Gun movie!

And then. Before I knew it, I was literally crawling on my hands and knees, unable to stand, muscles spasming and sciatica ruling my existence. But apparently? Nothing was wrong. Until it was and it was finally confirmed I have a fully herniated disc playing around with my S1 nerve. Much pain, tears, cancelling plans and letting people down. Not the greatest times. And it wasn't FOMO it was plain old missing out!

But for me? There's always something to learn....and the life lessons have been plentiful.

  1. Health is wealth - if you're not okay? It impacts and has the ability to restrict every area of your life in some way

  2. Taking things for granted - I definitely have.... that I'd be able to stand and walk, being pain free. I have a different level of appreciation and respect for so many people and things as a result

  3. Retracing your steps can give a deeper level of understanding and help land a learning but choose wisely because once the past is over? It's gone and there is only now.

  4. Support can come from surprising places and won't always be from those you expect. Something I'm truly grateful for

  5. Reflecting is helpful; overthinking is harmful.

  6. Calibrate achievement - whilst the certificates and celebrations are great. Sometimes the longest walk you've done in months can mean even more!

  7. Slowing down can be just what you need - don't feel guilty for taking the rest. Nature does and just maybe it will bring clarity

  8. Trust your intuition and trust yourself. Not always easy to do but try it.

  9. Yoga is so much more than exercise for me; it is my mental and spiritual well-being; I never thought I'd be teaching it!

  10. Appreciate everything as it happens...take the time to stop, pause and soak up where you are. Moments can be fleeting and once it's gone, it's gone.

However you rank 2022 in the context of your life? I wish you health, happiness and much love for 2023!

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