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Why a coastal walk reminded me of why I love and value coaching

This last week was International Coaching Week. I'm a big fan of coaching and as I was enjoying the scenery on a walk along the East Coast a few weeks ago, I was reminded of why!

Firstly? It's a safe space to explore. which enables you to "go there". Taking those tentative steps on a journey of discovery, getting to the heart of you to identify what might be unconsciously driving your approach to life or what's holding you back. What's great? Is that your coach is there for you; you are seen, heard and held, allowing you to really open up. And yes! There could be tears! And that's okay!

When you come to coaching and indeed, some parts of the journey, can feel dark, lonely and unfamiliar. A great coach can help shine a light to enable you to re-discover your light.

When you feel lost and you don't know where to go or what to do, a great coach can support you to make the decisions to take the next step and then the next. Better than that, they can support you in visioning and identifying where it is you want to be and empower you to determine how best to get there and be with you as you do.

Sometimes, life might feel overwhelming with multiple options, responsibilities, balls to juggle or routes to take. A great coach can use great listening and questioning to support you in working through the overwhelm to make a confident and assured decision.

These two pictures are of exactly the same section of beach; one taken from the clifftop; one from the beach itself. That means what you can see, what you are aware of and how you respond? Is going to differ depending on your view. Does that make it the "right" view? Not necessarily - it's just one view. There might be others. A good coach can identify other perspectives, reframe situations and allow you to look through a different lens.

If you feel as if you could do with some support to empower you to move from where you are and closer to where you would prefer to be in an effective way? Why not find out a bit more about coaching and whether it's the right modality for you.

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