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Stick or Twist?

Have you ever heard the phrase "thin place"? Well, these are the moments to pause for reflection and to sense the truth of where you are. Think of a new year (either calendar or astrological). The start of a new season or perhaps a birthday or other meaningful life event.

For me, there was a yoga & meditation weekend, in between astrological new year and my birthday this year, that asked me "what am I doing with this one wild and precious life" (Mary Oliver)

I can't remember a year that's felt so physically painful and unfulfilling as a result, so I was definitely primed for the question! Nevertheless, the landing of those words and the emotion it evoked from deep within? Took my breath away and resulted in some voluminous, salty tears. I'm going to say that I was fortunate my body took matters into "it's own hands" and made sure I damn well listened to the deeply held sadness and dissatisfaction. In all honesty, I think I knew on some level that I was taking myself on a path towards breaking point given some of the decisions and non-decisions I was making. I knew I wasn't helping myself. I like to think that I was working on developing my resilience.

And what I learnt, painfully? Are a number of things:

1) Madness is absolutely doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

2) My heart's desire isn't truly reflected in the life I've been living

3) Real happiness is personal, not societal. Only you know what feels happy and joyful for you.

4) Being brave enough to get still, quiet and really listen to your own heart? Is everything.

So, what have I done. Made some meaningful changes and am trying some different things as well as focussing on my well-being. I have a focus and direction, a vision for how I want my life to look for what feels like the first time. Sounds crazy to say that but I'm not sure I've ever had a good idea of what I really wanted out of my one wild and precious life .

What about you? How are you really? How are things? Are you spending your precious time, energy and money in a way that's aligned and fulfilling? If not? For what reason? Do you ache to make a change but don't? For what reason and is it a good enough one. Message me if this resonates for you!

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