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Why daffodils got me thinking about potential...

I love Spring....whilst the colours of Autumn are amazing and the abundance of summer is mesmerising?  There's something about the delicate snowdrops and trumpeting daffodils gently heralding the awakening and exiting of winter.

And I love seeing the flowers burst into life! Purchased from a non descript crate in a supermarket at minimal expense versus some of the more opulent bunches? They go from sticks of green, petals protected by a delicate cover to breaking free from what once was exactly what it needed, to fulfil its blooming flourish!

Well. Sometimes. On some occasions, whilst it starts with promise? The full blooming doesn't occur. Why? I've generally found that if they aren't in the right situation to get the heat and light they need to thrive? They get no further and simply wither and slowly mummify , before perishing.

Why did this make me think about potential and thriving?

Well because it happens to us too. Whilst the promise and potential is there? If we arent surrounded by the right nourishment, support and circumstances? We cant thrive and come out of ourselves and instead we might burn out and cause physical, emotional or mental damage by staying in places or environments that hurt us.

And maybe because we:

  • think we should

  • tell ourselves we can't afford too

  • feel obligated because of other peoples needs/ wants/ expectations

So if your choices are meaning you feel burnt out, unhappy or only existing rather than living or thriving? Is it time to make a change? And what needs to shift and change for that to happen? 

What if it's the best thing you've ever done and enables you to bloom?

How are you choosing ' live your one wild and precious life?" (Mary Oliver)

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